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You probably have lots of questions. How much house can I really afford? Which type of Home Loans best fits my needs? I can help you answer questions like that and I’ve worked with lots of people around the country with home financing needs similar to yours. I’m proud to work with track records for reputable banks and you can trust me to do what’s right for you.
Fifteen years before I became a Bank Loan Officer, I worked my way through college (first Queens College then SUNY Stony Brook) as a construction worker.
During this time I worked on a number of notable high rises across Manhattan, and I handled all phases of home building on hundreds of projects. I developed a passion for home building. It was very gratifying to have built not just houses for clients, but homes for people to make their lives in.
If you’ve ever applied for or taken a loan before, you are familiar with how loan officers work. If they believe you didn’t qualify for a requested loan, they apologized and showed you the door; if you qualified, they disappeared the moment you signed the paperwork.
That’s not how I work.
I make myself totally available to loan clients for every single step of the process, from the qualifying stage to the moment you first open the door of your newly completed home.
If you come to me to apply for a loan but I find that you don’t qualify, I won’t turn you away: instead, I’ll show you the problematic areas of your application and advise you on ways to improve those areas, even refer you to trusted credit recovery specialists if required.
After your loan is approved I make myself available to assist you during the entire construction process: monitoring contractors and their works, comparing the draws they make from the loan to what they have accomplished, mitigating any issues that may arise during the build, and more.
This passion for helping people build homes never faded.
When I started banking in 1988, I immediately began researching ways that I could focus my energies on helping prospective home buyers, presenting them with as many viable financing options as possible. I found the field of construction and renovation loans, loans specially designed to help people purchase, build, renovate, and rebuild homes.
By 1993, I had become a Certified Renovation and Construction Loan Specialist. Over the years I have expanded my bank lending portfolio to well versed in loans for 1 to 4-Family Homes, Mansions, McMansions, Condominiums, and Co-ops.
Since 1988, I have stayed familiar with the constantly changing field of home construction. As a sponsor, I am active in the American Association of Home Inspectors (ASHA), participating in seminars, conferences, and continuing education events as both a student and a speaker.
To date, I have secured countless loans for clients closing on hundreds of millions of dollars in residential construction and renovation financings, and I would love to help you close on your project.
To get a loan for your home project call me today: (914) 736-2855.
What Dream Home Owners are saying:

Carmelo will never give up on you. He gives me great tips on how to get loans faster after many banks turned me down flat. He got an offer and it was unbelievably great and worked for me! I now have consolidated my credit card debt at the lowest rate with improved scores that helped me secure new home loans. This is the best, easiest and most convenient experience I have ever had obtaining loans. I was very impressed by how quickly he processed the loans making it as pleasant as possible.

Bob McNeil

My family is very happy with Carmelo Vitello. He’s truly a Home Loans Expert. We’re on our 3rd mortgage with his help. He solves our problems with the amount of money we needed for new houses. He’s been the goto bank lender for over 15 years including helping our newlywed children secure their mortgages. He has been very helpful, polite, and very courteous in every way. I would definitely recommend him over and over again.

Barbara Stein

Carmelo is a God-sent! We had some options as we were looking for a mortgage lender and it can be hard to decide which lender to trust with something as important as home loans. That’s where Carmelo comes in. We researched lenders large and small, analyzed a variety of factors important to us but Carmelo made it so easy, supportive, very patient explaining and walking us through the process step by step. He helped my family get the best rate in the banking industry.

Joan Adams

Carmello Vitello was great to work with. He delivered our loan on time and with as little effort from us as possible. He handled our complicated situation very smoothly and professionally, so I’m sure he delivers conventional loans with great speed and ease. I will call Carmello again, and recommend him highly!

Brad Brenner

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