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Carmelo will never give up on you. He gives me great tips on how to get loans faster after many banks turned me down flat. He got an offer and it was unbelievably great and worked for me! I now have consolidated my credit card debt at the lowest rate with improved scores that helped me secure new home loans. This is the best, easiest and most convenient experience I have ever had obtaining loans. I was very impressed by how quickly he processed the loans making it as pleasant as possible.

Bob McNeil

My family is very happy with Carmelo Vitello. He’s truly a Home Loans Expert. We’re on our 3rd mortgage with his help. He solves our problems with the amount of money we needed for new houses. He’s been the goto bank lender for over 15 years including helping our newlywed children secure their mortgages. He has been very helpful, polite, and very courteous in every way. I would definitely recommend him over and over again.

Barbara Stein

Carmelo is a God-sent! We had some options as we were looking for a mortgage lender and it can be hard to decide which lender to trust with something as important as home loans. That’s where Carmelo comes in. We researched lenders large and small, analyzed a variety of factors important to us but Carmelo made it so easy, supportive, very patient explaining and walking us through the process step by step. He helped my family get the best rate in the banking industry.

Joan Adams

Carmello Vitello was great to work with. He delivered our loan on time and with as little effort from us as possible. He handled our complicated situation very smoothly and professionally, so I’m sure he delivers conventional loans with great speed and ease. I will call Carmello again, and recommend him highly!

Brad Brenner

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